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Islanders for Responsible Development.

Islanders for Responsible Development is working to promote smart development on Bainbridge Island. And that means promoting development that respects the vision of our future contained in the COBI Comprehensive Plan. The “Comp Plan” is anchored in the understanding that Bainbridge Island has limited resources and can only accommodate limited “growth”. It is also grounded in the understanding that Bainbridge Islanders value trees, biodiversity, scenic views, and a unique Island way of life. Our goal is to promote these values contained in the Comp Plan and to empower Bainbridge Islanders to make its idealistic vision a reality for the future.

Islanders!  It is important to make your opinion known!

Send a letter to COBI, let the planning department know what you think!!
Go to the link ‘Comment to COBI’

Old House being paved over by Visconsi on Bainbridge Island

Old House being paved over by Visconsi on Bainbridge Island

This old building, a reminder of Old Bainbridge, will be leveled to provide us all a fourth drugstore we don’t need. Trading this proud and erect old building for a place to get a good price on little blue pills. Life is full of irony, most of it much more amusing than the asphalt carpet Visconsi will bring to us.